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Rest, Relax, Recover.

"Can you heat up my Körnerkissen, pretty please?" is a phrase you'll hear daily in our home. Being from Germany, "grain pillows", aka heat pads, are just part of life, something to turn to when you've had a long day or need some TLC & warmth (literally).

Moving to the US in 2015 the first thing I bought was a sewing machine, because what was life without proper heat pads? Surely not a cozy one! While I found some options on the market for heat pads, they were either filled with plastic beads, funny-shaped, or not so nice to look at - and I believe there's something to be said about surrounding yourself with beautiful, well-made things. 

Filling your home (or store) with warmth is an honor and I hope you'll cherish the comfort of your grain pillow for years to come. 


Stefanie & November Made Team

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