How To & FAQ

How to use your heat pad & FAQs*


Test in short increments until heat pad has reached your preferred temperature. This also depends on the power of your microwave. Do not overheat*

These are estimates for a 1050w microwave. Lesser wattage microwaves will take longer to heat. Simply heat to your desired temperature and enjoy!

Mini Heat Pads 30-60 seconds

Small Heat Pads 60-90 seconds

Large Heat Pads 60-120 seconds

Neck Heat Pads 60-120 seconds


Conventional Oven

Set oven to 200F. Place heat pad in cold oven on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet. Heat for 10-15 minutes or until desired temperature is reached. Make sure it doesn't touch the sides of the oven. Please use common sense.

 *Do not overheat, as this could cause a fire or burns. Please use common sense. Do not place a heated pad on another person without their consent.  



You can also store your heat pad in your freezer for cooling relief. Simply place in a freezer bag or freezer-safe container and place in your freezer.


Cleaning your heat pad

Spot clean only. Use a damp cloth to spot clean. 


Frequently Asked Questions

My heat pad feels moist after warming it - is this normal?

Yes, this is perfectly normal, especially for brand new heat pads. This is an all natural product. Grains naturally retain and release moisture once heated. The slight moistness allows the heat to deeply penetrate the muscles for soothing relief. In Germany, some people purposefully sprinkle water on their heat pad prior to heating to create this effect. Over time, the grains will gradually lose their ability to retain moisture (but keep the heat) and your heat pad will become less moist.

Can I put my heat pad in the freezer?

Absolutely! Place your heat pad in a freezer save bag or container and store in your fridge or freezer for cooling relief (great for headaches, hot flashes and hot summers!).

Can pregnant people use your heat pads?

Please always check with your health care provider, this is not medical advice. However, in Germany, pregnant women use heat pads as a comforting relief for pregnancy-related aches and pains, like upper back pains, tired legs and sore feet. I sure did during my pregnancy!

Can I warm my heat pad in a conventional oven?

Absolutely! Please see instructions above.

How long do the heat pads stay warm for?

They stay comfortably warm for 45-60 min and can be heated over and over to your desired temperature! 

Do the heat pads lose their scent? 

Even after 4+ years of use, the rye berries still smell wonderful and soothing.

How long will my heat pad last?

Our heat pads are well-made and should last you for 4+ years and well beyond, if used properly. 

Do they get moldy?

Absolutely not! Rye berries are a natural product that retains and releases moisture. The heat pad is made of 100% natural breathable cotton that allows the berries to breathe. Nature knows best!


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*Not medical advice

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